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The Commvault Maintenance Advantage support portal contains a set of powerful tools to enable Commvault software customers to better optimize their deployment

Technology Consulting

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The Commvault Education Advantage product training portal enables Commvault customers and partners to educate themselves on the use of the Commvault software suite

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Schutz vor Ransomware

Umfassende Informationsverwaltung


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Nach Funktion

Datenschutz– Backup und Recovery

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Cloud- und Infrastrukturmanagement

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Lyons S , Sharp C , LeBreton M , Djoko CF , Kiyang JA , Lankester F , Bibila TG , Tamoufé U , Fair J , Wolfe ND , Simmonds P . 2012. Species association of hepatitis B virus (HBV) in non-human apes; evidence for recombination between gorilla and chimpanzee variants. PLoS One , 7 (3), pp. e33430. | Show Abstract | Read more

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infections are widely distributed in humans, infecting approximately one third of the world's population. HBV variants have also been detected and genetically characterised from Old World apes; Gorilla gorilla (gorilla), Pan troglodytes (chimpanzee), Pongo pygmaeus (orang-utan), Nomascus nastusus and Hylobates pileatus (gibbons) and from the New World monkey, Lagothrix lagotricha (woolly monkey). To investigate species-specificity and potential for cross species transmission of HBV between sympatric species of apes (such as gorillas and chimpanzees in Central Africa) or between humans and chimpanzees or gorillas, variants of HBV infecting captive wild-born non-human primates were genetically characterised. 9 of 62 chimpanzees (11.3%) and two from 11 gorillas (18%) were HBV-infected (15% combined frequency), while other Old world monkey species were negative. Complete genome sequences were obtained from six of the infected chimpanzee and both gorillas; those from P. t .ellioti grouped with previously characterised variants from this subspecies. However, variants recovered from P. t. troglodytes HBV variants also grouped within this clade, indicative of transmission between sub-species, forming a paraphyletic clade. The two gorilla viruses were phylogenetically distinct from chimpanzee and human variants although one showed evidence for a recombination event with a P.t.e.-derived HBV variant in the partial X and core gene region. Both of these observations provide evidence for circulation of HBV between different species and sub-species of non-human primates, a conclusion that differs from the hypothesis if of strict host specificity of HBV genotypes.

Lavoie M , Sharp CP , Pépin J , Pennington C , Foupouapouognigni Y , Pybus OG , Njouom R , Simmonds P . 2012. Human parvovirus 4 infection, Cameroon. Emerg Infect Dis , 18 (4), pp. 680-683. | Show Abstract | Read more

In a post hoc analysis of samples collected in 2009, we determined seroprevalence of parvovirus 4 (PARV4) among elderly Cameroonians. PARV4 seropositivity was associated with receipt of intravenous antimalarial drugs, intramuscular streptomycin, or an intramuscular contraceptive, but not hepatitis C virus seropositivity. Findings suggest parenteral acquisition of some PARV4 infections.

Citation information in Europe Pubmed Central

A novel positive-sense, single-stranded RNA (+ssRNA) virus (Halastavi árva RNA virus, HalV; JN000306) with di-cistronic genome organization was serendipitously identified in intestinal contents of freshwater carps (Cyprinus carpio) fished by line-fishing from fishpond "Lőrinte halastó" located in Veszprém County, Hungary. The complete nucleotide (nt) sequence of the genomic RNA is 9565 nt in length and contains two long--non-in-frame--open reading frames (ORFs), which are separated by an intergenic region. The ORF1 (replicase) is preceded by an untranslated sequence of 827 nt, while an untranslated region of 139 nt follows the ORF2 (capsid proteins). The deduced amino acid (aa) sequences of the ORFs showed only low (less than 32%) and partial similarity to the non-structural (2C-like helicase, 3C-like cystein protease and 3D-like RNA dependent RNA polymerase) and structural proteins (VP2/VP4/VP3) of virus families in Picornavirales especially to members of the viruses with dicistronic genome. Halastavi árva RNA virus is present in intestinal contents of omnivorous freshwater carps but the origin and the host species of this virus remains unknown. The unique viral sequence and the actual position indicate that Halastavi árva RNA virus seems to be the first member of a new di-cistronic ssRNA virus. Further studies are required to investigate the specific host species (and spectrum), ecology and role of Halastavi árva RNA virus in the nature.

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It’s freaking cold here in cologne so I’d go anywhere warm. Bangkok would be really nice.

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Lapland - to hand deliver Santa my shortened Christmas list (minus shades, bags, headphones, moleskins).

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I’d pack my snorkel and head to Cozumel!

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I would fly first class from Burbank to LAX (I can make it happen) and hitch a ride to NOTCOT headquarters, wherever that sleek little younghip-white-brick office space or oh-so-decked-out-apartment living room may be, and have a stern god damn word with Jean Aw herself about this little giveaway you just put me through.

And that word would be thanx. Trueswear.

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