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Allah T’ala says in the Quran, Surah Al-Qalam (68:04):

“wa innaka la 'alaa khuluqin adheem” And most definitely you (Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w.) are upon a very great and powerful disposition, character and mannerism. A few ayaat earlier, Allah told His Messenger (s.a.a.w.) that he is not crazy, as his enemies try to defame him. For him is a reward from Allah T’ala without limit. And most definitely he is upon a great character. Remember that the disbelievers of Makkah wanted to defame and character assassinate the Messenger of Allah. They would say evil things about the Messenger of Allah; i.e. they would say he breaks up a son from his father (i.e. a son may leave his father’s religion), and they would say that he does not obey his tribes’ leaders (who called to polytheism) etc. So the disbelievers would accuse him of doing evil to repel others from accepting Islam. So Allah sent these ayaat to negate all these lies and character assassinations of the disbelievers by simply saying one line: wa INNAka LA 'ala khuluqiN AdhEEmiN And SURELY you are SURELY upon CONTINUOUSLY Great Mannerism.

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Principles of Success—In the light of SeerahBy Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

It is a well-known fact that the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) was the supremely successful man in the entire human history. But he was not just a hero, as Thomas Carlyle has called him. According to the Qur’an, he was a good example for all mankind. He has shown us the way of achieving supreme success in this world.

By studying the life of the Prophet we can derive those important principles which were followed by the Prophet. In short, the Prophet of Islam was a positive thinker in the full sense of the word. All his activities were result-oriented. He completely refrained from all such steps as may prove counter-productive.

First Principle: To begin from the possible This principle is well explained in a saying of Aishah. She said: "Whenever the Prophet had to choose between two options, he always opted for the easier choice." (Al-Bukhari)To choose the easiest option means to begin from the possible, and one who begins from the possible will surely reach his goal.

First Principle:

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The One and Only.

About PsySR

PsySR Issues

Who We Are

PsySR is an independent, non-profit organization that applies psychological knowledge and expertise to promote peace, social justice, human rights, and sustainability. Our members are psychologists, students, and other advocates for social change in the United States and around the world. Think Womens Balla888161 Ballet Flats Free Shipping Cheap Online Cost Cheap Price OheZN1fLw

Our Program Areas

Latest PsySR News

Melis Uluğ of the Psychology of Peace and Violence Program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, with input from PsySR member Serdar Değirmencioğlu, has conducted an interview with an academic on trial in Turkey for signing a peace petition. Academics for Peace are calling for solidarity and support. adidas Turnout Sneakers Excellent Sale Brand New Unisex Whole World Shipping Cheap Sale With Credit Card nsWVVBgs8H

PsySR has issued a statement opposing the exchange of inflammatory rhetoric between the U.S. and North Korea and calling for progress towards nuclear disarmament. Best Sale Online Tabitha Simmons Womens Leticia Denim Ankle Strap HighHeel Sandals 100 Exclusive Cheap Sale 2018 nMNpWvLaW

PsySR has issued a statement in support of the Earth Day (April 22nd) March for Science in cities around the world. Valentino Document holder Visit Online Clearance Best Wholesale Cheap Low Price t9LDpVi2

PsySR has issued a statement expressing our commitment to the right to comprehensive rehabilitative services for torture survivors, including current and former Guantanamo detainees. Sale New Arrival Topshop Womens Sculptured Heel Ankle Boots Buy Cheap For Nice 2018 New Cheap Online 2018 New Cheap Online tePL1O

PsySR has issued a statement in support of the Standing Rock Sioux and their campaign of nonviolent resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Sportmax Ankle strap sandals Manchester Cheap Price TcN24oXLU

PsySR has sent a letter to the Secretary of the Army expressing deep concern over a recent ruling that subjects PFC Chelsea Manning to punitive solitary confinement for her suicide attempt earlier this year. Sale For Cheap Nike Premium Internationalist Trainers In oFF 2018 New Cheap Online Reliable Online 2gPw5

PsySR has issued a statement in support of crucial post-Hoffman reform efforts at the American Psychological Association. Read the Statement »

PsySR has issued a statement on the connection between issues of racial injustice in the U.S. criminal justice system and torture and other human rights concerns. Read the Statement »

In coalition with other groups, PsySR has presented APA leaders with a set of preliminary recommendations related to human rights and psychological ethics in national security settings. Outlet Discount Authentic Shop For Cheap Online Panama Jack Womens Felia Igloo Ankle Boots Cheap Latest Collections IDtzsei

PsySR has sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Turkey protesting mistreatment of scholars advocating for peace and negotiations. Roberto Cavalli Shoes Signature Slip on Sneakers w/Studs Real For Sale Hot Sale Cheap Online Sale Buy lcHme1

PsySR has sent a letter to the APA Board calling for changes to the Association's interim CEO search process. Jeffrey Campbell Womens 6Redman Weave Sock HiTop Trainers Multicolore Nero Bianco Sole 001 Pay With Paypal Online Outlet Find Great Cheap Limited Edition How Much Cheap Online MkFG4kxbTv

PsySR has issued a statement supporting the Iran Nuclear Deal currently under consideration in Congress. Read the Statement »

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